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The following resources are available to all Kansas area VFW and American Legion posts. These resources are updated and maintained by participating posts under the coordination of Brandon M. Trube. By colaboration on unified resources, we eliminate double posting, extra work, misinformation, and missed events.

Customized versions of the scripts and links below are available to integrate in to your existing Post site, or to add on to the calendars that you already use. Just email Brandon M. Trube with your request. I can also admin anyone who needs it to be able to submit their own posts events to these calendars. These events will then show up on multiple post websites! I can send you a script that will show all of these, with your existing Google calendar(s), and the code to replace the current calendar script on your page, if you are interested.

Simple Instructions

In your Post's Google Calendar (or other compatable program), simply 'invite' one of the calendars below to your event, using the Invite Address listed. When you make changes to your event, those changes should be reflected on the calendar below. IMPORTANT NOTE Any events that do not conform to the format or requirements below will be removed.

Veteran's services

These are all of the funerals, send offs and welcome homes that we do, as well as several Vet specific holidays. I can admin you so you can post items as well if you like. This shows up on several AL Post and VFW Post websites.

  • View Calendar: HERE
  • Invite Address: 47mcdmp9elue4sjaac65pjgvis@group.calendar.google.com
  • Items found on this calendar include: Funerals, Patriot Guard missions, Send-offs, Homecomings, Benefits, Fundraisers, Ceremonies and Services
  • Title Format: <Event>: <name of vet being served>
  • Examples:
    • Funeral: John M. West, SPC - US Army
    • PG Mission: John M. West, SPC - US Army
    • Homecoming: John M. West, SPC - US Army

Veteran's Food

  • This is a list of all the burger burns, breakfasts, steak nights, etc that the local AL and VFW Posts are doing.
  • Note: All items on this calendar are open to the public.
  • View Calendar: HERE
  • Add to Calendar Code: 04m3hm5ijqj45r55i7jq37m4lg@group.calendar.google.com
  • Items found on this calendar include:  Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, cook-offs, anything food related.
  • Format: <meal>: <type of meal>, <city>, <state>
  • Examples:
    • Breakfast: All-You-Can-Eat, Derby, KS
    • Lunch: Burger Burn, Topeka, KS
    • Dinner: Spaghetti Dinner, Mulvane, KS

Veteran Biker Events

  • This is a list of all the Kansas ALR events that are open to ALL ALR riders and are not Post specific.
  • Note: All items on this calendar are open to the public.
  • View Calendar: HERE
  • Add to Calendar Code: 04m3hm5ijqj45r55i7jq37m4lg@group.calendar.google.com

Flag Protocol

Viewing Calendars in Personal Google Calendar

Add any of the above calendars to your Google account HERE

If you have a Gmail account, you can take extra advantage of this feature  If you have at any point created a Gmail account, you have access to email, a calendar, a documents section, a photo album and more.  This is all free and all under one login.  If you do not have a Gmail account, you can create one here for free

Google (Gmail) users can add the above calendars to their Google Calendar and be able to toggle all of the listed events on and off on their personal calendar.  If we update something on the site calendar, the change will be reflected on yours AUTOMATICALLY!

To add the calendars, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to http://gmail.com
  2. In the upper left corner, click Calendar
    • If this is the first time you have used the calendar, Google will ask a few questions.  Answer these, then proceed.
  3. On the left, under Other Calendars click ADD
  4. Choose Add a Friend's Calendar
  5. Paste ONE of the addresses above labeled "Add to Calendar Code:" in the field and click ADD
  6. Go to step 3 and repeat for each calendar that you would like to add to your personal calendar

The new calendar(s) will show on the left under Other Calendars in your Google Calendars on the left.  You can click on it/them to toggle it/them on and off.


Veteran Posts Map

This map locates all of the Kansas area American Legion and VFW posts. Click here

Legion and VFW Posts Using Our Shared Calendars

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