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Are you for real?

No gimicks, no scams. I am professional web designer, and a member of American Legion Post 408, in Derby, KS. I have discovered that many Posts either do not have websites, or the sites they do have are old and not updated. I am making it my personal mission to correct this.

Why do we need a website?

For any organization to grow, or even survive, it needs a constant influx of new members. To do this, we must attract the younger generations. These generations are online. They use Facebook, and Twitter. They have Android phones, and use online calendars. They tag their friends in photos, and prefer email to newsletters. Most importantly, thier first impression of an organization is often the organization's website! Here is our site

How do you currently stack up?

Many people will never see the inside of an American Legion, even if they are eligible. Our buildings have no windows, and opaque doors. Often their ONLY impression may be the Post's website. If you have one, look at it. Compare it to the national site for the Legion, Auxiliary, or SAL. How does it stack up? Does it look professional? Is it modern, updated and current? If not, read on...

The cost

Zero. Nothing. Nada. Zip. I have designed a very dynamic website that will work for any Post to give each post their own unique website. We use Facebook to post news, events and photos to your Post site. These calendars are also able to connect to Android phones, Windows Mobile phones, and iPhones. We offer mailing lists through Google Groups to allow you to have a single email address for each group in your Post (Legion, Auxiliary, SAL, and ALR). Your members can subscribe and unsubscribe from these lists at will, and you can see an archive of all mail sent to the list. This means that your email manager will not have to send email in batches anymore!

All options can be secured so that only certain people can post to the news, events, photos or email lists. I will even provide the domain for you for FREE! All sites are at http://(site number).legionpost.us, for example: http://408.legionpost.us

The catch

Here it is... You knew there had to be SOMETHING, right? Well, there is. If I set your Post up with a site, YOU have to provide someone or multiple people to manage the site. It is no harder than posting to Facebook, and I am on hand to help whenever needed. I will gladly show anyone interested how to do this. My interest is that Kansas American Legion websites start looking better across the state, and we are able to reach out to the younger generation that is using these tools in their everyday life.

Still interested?

If you are interested, please let me know. Send me an email here


The author (Brandon M. Trube) retains the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. The free website offer is only available to Kansas Legion Posts

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